Most important questions for Interview

Seven most important questions for Interview.

Tell me about yourself?

Here you don’t talk about your life stories, and your favorite heroes and your favorite cricketers information you can tell here simple one line answers like My name is Priyadarshini you can call me Priya. I’m a hard work engineering graduate special in Computer Science Engineering and overall CGPA of 90%.

Along with my degree, I have completed .net Java and SQL courses. The various Technologies that you have learned how to help me develop my final year project called XYZ.

2. Why do you want this job

ABC is reputation is undoubtedly a factor also a friend of mine who has been working here in the IT Department for the past two years had said that the company culture encourages learning and development while on the job and rewards hard work.

3. Strength and weaknesses

First time talking about the strength if you are a quick learner you can tell lies I am a fast learner over the past three years I have worked on three different Technologies as the leader of my team I even had the opportunity to learn about the sales while talking to new customers it is my Motto in my life to learn something new, and I actively seek feedback to keep growing.

You can speak of the other status also adaptability positiveness. then you can find out your weaknesses. I can give one example that, sometimes I find it hard to manage my time and cut to do close to the deadlines. To overcome this, I have started using post it that stick on my laptop.

I even organize my calendar to include my daily, quickly and long-term task so that I prioritize to my work better.

4. Tell me about the challenges you have faced at your work

Here you can talk about what challenges faced in your previous job and focus more on how to overcome it and talk about what you learn from it and talk about how you are helping the others on walking the problems.

Ex: Whenever project release was delayed, coordinate with my entire team to get the scheduled back on the track. We troubleshoot the issues and solve the problems upon further investigation. I found that lack of proper communication and restriction of knowledge among the few team members was the main issue.

So I should say old weekly share and learn sessions for both the seniors and freshers of the team would come together and discuss the advancements of the project the challenge taught me that along with the technology proper communication different a project to completion.

5. Where in 5 years?

Ex. I am excited about this position because in the next five years I did like to see myself having 22 and expertise in the pharmacy domain and I know that the job will give me that opportunity. I am even excited about developing my managerial skills and in the next couple of the years possibly also take the lead on some projects.

6. Are you planning to have children?

You know I am not quite there yet. But I would like to know more about the career progression at your company. Can you tell me more about that?

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7. Do you have any questions

you can ask a question answer related to job don’t propose the salary structure and all to employer you can ask about the questions about the company what are the different career path in your project you can say even about the ask the questions about the interview how long have been working for this company what’s your favorite part about them apart from the work don’t ask too many questions but asking any positive questions.

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