Resume preparation for experiance and Freshers

What is your resume?

The resume is a summary of your education, experience and skills for potential employers. The resumes physical appearance, and more importantly, what you say and how you say it, will affect an employers decision to interview or select you. Your resume should highlight your qualifications for employment in a particular position or career field. A resume prepared for one job might leave out information that would be included in a resume for another position.

Most important points for resume

First, we are making about the experience person resume.

First, you think you need to write your name after name is a professional title like a problem solver innovator mentor quick learner next is the contact information first is your email ID please don’t write wired email address always should write a formal mail IDs.

If you experience has to mention Skype ID for the taking interviews on Skype. Don’t include unnecessary information in a resume like your marital status your personal information.

Here you have to mention first your current employer details in Reverse chronological order in that you have to specify your current job role what is your roles and responsibilities what actions you are taking in your current job for that your current employee take addition for hiring you are not.

Write down in your resume ki important points in downside like section. The most important point in a resume doesn’t mention any negative aspects in your career what happened.

Education Qualifications:

If you are an experienced person, don’t mention your 12th, and 10th standard education details in resume only say your highest education qualification in a resume.


Mention in resume whatever you have skills like Java, Oracle, SAP, C, C++, Tally, SQL rate it accordingly how much you know that software language like you know Java hundred percent knowledge for this you can mention 100%.

If you know the Java little bit for this you can mention resume 50%. Then you say communication skills and critical thinking skills leadership skills social media skills project management skills what you have accordingly up to you

Additional section:

In the additional section, you can mention your past awards certifications Publications patterns volunteer works languages knows extracurricular activities conference intercourses hobbies which is related to your job.

For freshers resume Preparation:

First you mention your name on top of the resume then you mention your email ID is your contact details and your address when you mention your education details in under the personal details under the personal details you can make a box of your educational qualification how much you got percentage in each degree and 12th and 10th how much you got percentage you can mention in resume.

You can mention here time period of degree also. if you are an Engineer you can mention your project information what you did in your degree mention accordingly your semester wise project details mention anyone internship done. if you are worked any part-time jobs in work holidays you can you can mention in the resume that will intimate to your manager your hiring manager to you are a committed person to work on your job.

Additional section:

You can mention your competitive exams course what you have written in your college days and what you have faced in college functions than hackathons if you got any medals in you can mention here and coding contests and paper presentation your college and any additional curriculum activities also you can mention in the additional section.

Keep your resume in one page and look into grammatical errors and important point is don’t lie. If you lie don’t get the job like if you don’t have any language skills if you mention any language information that you know interview Army ask the questions on that the language.

Don’t fear about the skills and all most of the companies can give the training to freshers.

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